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April 25, 2009

There's No Such Thing As Free Lunch

i know thta u r reading my blog. u noe u do. i noe that u noticed all the hate entry, fuck u entry dat i created specially for u, i noe u upset reading it before, but one thing for sure, u never stop trying before, so why stop now? if its true what u just said before this, if its a real heart confession, if u really admit ur mistakes n really willing to sacrifice it all to make it rite this time, why bother bout it now? or maybe its just my thought, are u trying to find another excuse? i think u r, again dun bother cuz i didnt put so much hope on u,FYI. so, u better get cracking. u dun ur time line.let me see whatcha got.let put all the talks into action, let see how different things gonna be this time. no more ignorance, no more screenplay, no more drama, truth cold truth, straight flush talk. r u ready for it? r u realy up to it? cuz seriesly, i stood by on solid ground now. u gotta noe where ur stand too. fool me once shame on u, fool me twice, shame on me. u wont let u fool me this time. like saf said, everybody deserve a second chance, so im giving it to u.prove urself this time. i really wanna see the effort though. cuz, whatever whereever whenever we stand before, u aint trying hard before. make it rite this time. can u? or stil trust gonna be the issue here huh? wow! one cold hard fact here dat u need to learning, u dun have the rite to make a judgement call here. i am. the power within me okay. thats the fact. i am the one whose gonna judge, im the one who gonna make that call, not u. i am giving u a chance but sploiler alert, its not dat easy as its used to be.i have to work ur ass through to get back to what we used to stand. try hard. too harsh? yes of course. theres no such thing as free lunch okay. u gotta earn ur lunch in life.thats the fact u have to accept. too hard? too complicated? too annoying? to many things? THEN LEAVE! FOR GOOD
p/s-preserve whatcha have, stand guard on what u giving...

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