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April 20, 2009

Reality Is Everything, Perception Mean Nothing

first of all, im not gonna make any excuses regarding any of my action dat i'd done, but still let me remind u, i am who i am, make action may sometime overshadow my "sweet" appearance but stil that just who i am. and for u babe, thanks for stood up for me, really thanks but u dont have to do it seriesly, its something that i did n now i have to pay the for u, F hmmm.. actually im speechless. i dunno wat to say.. wow, u should feel proud cuz u r one of teh few that can make me speechless. as ussualy, i tried to find an excuse to make but then i realize.. why should i? i did what i did, n at the time i really wanna do it. im not defending my action cuz though me myself dunno why i did it in the first place cuz its soo damn long ago.. again another reminder, i didnt aspect this cuz u'll never in my circle before so maybe, i say maybe thats why i did what i did.
hm.. well lets face it F. i noe u r in the process of evolution. u r changing urself toward something big n better tahn before. can u still recall how r u before this changes? i have to admit u r doing great now, after the changes n i dun really like the old u but i do like the new u.. n remember, dat thing happened before this, maybe, again just maybe thats why i did what i did.i kinda dun like the old u...
wait r sec.. i kinda recall something.. yeah, its a gud one F.. remember last sem? u noe u do.."raise ur middle finge r n say FUCK U". remember that babe? well, first n foremost i didnt did it. annything that i thoight ive done. but i do know who Mr.K is.. seriesly i know him.. n i noe why he did it.. like i said, no one like the old u babe.but still, im kinda mad at u u noe, before this.cuz u just popped out with an assumption saying that i did it without any, how dats huh? yes i noe all the evident point out at my chest cuz i invented that tagline but still dun u have any thought, even a lil that said im innocent n i dunno anything bout it. yeah at first i dunno anything u u just bang me like that. wow.. how cool? babe, next time if u wanna blame someone at least have a nerve by telling whatnot he had done. at least do that ok.. cuz, i am innocence in this matter, n at that time me myself pissed off at ya..n how cna u just leave it like that n after awhile when a new semester bout to start u just shout at my blog a text off -like-nothing-happened-between-us ? n then when we flip by face to face u just acted like nothing happened? wow! really wow.. but then, as me myself in a process of evolving myself toward a better life, i dropped it. i just follow the flow.acted like nothing happened.cuz i really dun like to fight with anyone. do u recall any of this?
well, last but not least, well i really dunno what else to write, so that it..
p/s- please read the post JANGAN POST INI, KALAU HIDUP IN SATU KONGKONGAN to get a closure look into me.

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