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January 27, 2009

A Thin Line v2


addiction is a very complex probs to face, mostly by teenagers.sorry to say, this addiction probs alway find its way to hit teens, n as vunerable n weak as we are, we alway got shot.drugs,pills, even ciggys is actually an addiction,but most people denied it cuz they alway compare ciggys with drugs."rokok bukannya ketagih gila2 mcm dadah."..of cos if u compare it on that way..try another way both killing u softly.rite? its both burn out ur cash.n of cos, rite now nobody gonna see it, yet, even, addiction is one of the social probs that need to be handle by the person affected themself.
obsession, one of the act that kinda different with addiction but its have its specialty n disguise.i dun realy noe how to explain it but i have a case to present.take me for obsess with t-shirt.whenever,where ever i see a nice, gud looking t-shirt, i'll buy 'em witout thinking twice.angie jolie can also be an e.g.she obses with knives.she have a bunch of knives collection.thats obsession..
i noe.addiction n obsession is kinda alike but there are differences.its all depend on us how we see things.

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