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January 29, 2009

Anti-Flag.My Side Of The Story

every punk rock fans looks up for Anto-Flag.they all said that Anto-Flag is the true pure punk fighters that keeps the ideologies alive.but when I listened to the latest album,"Bright Lights Of America (2008)" i had to say, im kinda dissappointed with this new masterpiece.the fire of punk rock in Anti-Flag kinda mellowed down.its not as pure as it used to be.What Happened Anti-Flag?? wheres the FUCK U AMERICA? FUCK BUSH? FUCK PRESIDENT? FUCK PRESS? with a good guitar riff n jamm.yes, its still punk rock genres but its sound more like radio frenly type.more like good charlotte, Boys Like Girls, even sound like We The Kings with the cursed against the be honest, i think sum 41 now with their latest album Underclass Hero(not so latest) is better that Bright Lights Of America.n even plus 44 kinda impress me more.ialway look up for Anti-flag cause u play punk rock with no lovvy duvy stuff in ur music, thats the reason i listen to ur music in the first place.i kinda against punk band with love love.pluss 44, sum41(special case cause they turns to alternative metal for quite sometimes),simple plan,even rancid.what happened, i keep asking myself..maybe Anti-Flag is evolving, towards something more, trying to attract new listeners.but after 7 masterpiece of great album, why making a change now? u guys have a strong fan-based around the world.all american haters, even not a punkers listen to ur music just to show their support against all american wrong it bcuz bush is stepping down, n obama is the new commander in chied of the World Police? nah..this album is in preparation before the presidential election.justin sane, what happened? Chris Barker, what happened? maybe the next album will bring back the glory of Anti-Flag..for that, i have to wait for another year or two..whatever it is, dun worry.u guys are still the best punk rock band in the world, n i support u guys all the way.

p/s-maybe i have to listen to Bright Lights Of America for quite something first before judging the album.maybe..

The Bright Lights of America (2008) RCA Records
1."Good and Ready" 3:59
2. "The Bright Lights of America" 3:32
3. "Vices" 4:59
4. "The Modern Rome Burning" 4:19
5. "If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How to Lie)" 4:04
6. "No Warning" 3:00
7. "Spit in the Face" 4:09
8. "We Are the Lost" 4:17
9. "Go West" 4:19
10. "The Smartest Bomb" 3:48
11. "Shadow of the Dead" 3:51
12. "The Ink and the Quill (Be Afraid)" 4:34
13. "Tar and Sagebrush" (Not written on cover) 3:12
14. "Caution to the Wind" (Bonus title available on iTunes) 3:57
15. "What Do You Think About Western Civilization" (Bonus title available on iTunes) 3:17
16. "I'm So Sick of You" (Bonus title on double LP version of the album) 1:01
17. "Wake Up the Town" (Pre-order bonus title released April 1st online) Benjamin Kowalewicz from Billy Talent 3:44
18. "Tanzania" (3:34) 3:34

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