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January 28, 2009

Tagged Myself-Thanks Fairuz

1) Name 3 songs that reflects you and your life:
+Walking Disaster-Sum 41..+
+Curses-Bullets For My Valentine+
+So Cold-Breaking Benjamin+

2) Name 3 songs that you hated before you like it like crazy:
+Come Back Again-Couple+
+Elvis Aint Dead-Scouting For Girl+
+Rejection Role-Soilwork+

3) Name 3 things that you did before this:
+Talk To My Foster Sis Iman+
+Taking My Heavy Breakfast+
+Light out My Ciggy's'+

4) Tell 3 characteristics of your dream house:
+On The Ground+
+Full Of Hapiness+
+Full With People That i Love n Care+
-in house matter for me, size doesnt matter.

5) Name 3 movies that you hate:
+type? all indon movie.+
+nah, i like most of them, some kinda boring but still keep me awake.he3+

6) You’re sick of:
+People Asking Me Why I Dun Eat Vegie..Dun ASK!!+
+Judgemental Thinking n Judgemental Look+
+People Full Of Craps+
+Being Broke+
+Fake Friends+

7) The perfect gift for your birthday:
+Just A Bday Cake.Not Need To Be Fancy.The Thoughts Is Good Enough For Me+

8) You love :
+My Family-My Mummy, My Lil Sis,My Big Sis, n My Dad..Accordingly+

9) Would like to say sorry to :
+No One.+

10) Tell 3 characteristics of your crush :
+CUTE..The Most Important+
+Down To Earth+

11) Who do you usually turn to whenever you’re having problems?
+No One.Im Kinda Person That Settle My Own Probs.Cuz Usually The Probs Alway Caused By Me+

12) 3 things about yourself that you want people to know:
+Im A Sensitive Kinda Dude..REALLY..+
+I Am A Gud Listener.Ask All My Gud Frens If U Dun Believe Me+
+Thats All I Guess+

13) Are you right-handed or left-handed?
+Im A Righty+

14) What are you wearing right now?
+Short pant n my 2006 5 Science T-shirt+

15) 3 bad habits that you have:
+Im Kinda Forgetful Dude.So, Sorry For Any Inconviniency+
+Im Wether LoudMouth Or OutSpoken.Which I Dun Realy Noe So I Consider It As Bad Habit+
+When I Want Something, I'll Make Sure I Get It, By Any Mean Necessary.+

16) Have you ever tell someone that you love her or him till you cry? Who is it?

17) Name one place that you really want to go but you’re not going there EVER!-
+NONE.. I Wanna Go To Argentina N Im Gonna Make Sure I'll Step My Feet On That Freakin Soil One Damn Day+

18) What’s your favourite character in The Series of Unfortunate Events?

19) If you are about to die in 3 months, what is your last wish?
+Fullfill All My Crazy Dreams+

20) The tagging is over. You will :
+Light Up Another Ciggy's'+
+Take A Bath+
+Eat My Lunch..Im Starving+
+Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 1 n 2 For The Third Time+

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

xder tag2 org lain ker?

aCe+ said...

kalau nk wat la tagged ni.nk gak tau.he3

Fyruz said...

you're welcome..
besh bca jwpn2 ang...

aCe+ said...

fairuz- thanx again.besh? hahaha

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