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January 8, 2009

Prostitution, Sex N Virginity

sound porn? well, its kinda sexy to talk bout eventhough some might think as disgusting, but i noe deep inside that particular group of people are eager to hear bout ya its something thats is on "NOT-TO-DO" list but still it happen around us rite? if not, how come child abandon rate keep on rising day to day? im not here to be rightous n telling u guys bout things that u cant do or can do, u guys can think for urself rite? spare that.bout virginity, well some guys still think thatits cute to married a total virgin girl, guys like me.seriesly. OK! i still a virgin.i never scuba drive rite though the swimming pool, not even put my foot near around the beach.not even one..some might think im a nerd, but mostly think is respectful..rite guys? so ya, im kinda into this'll be great if my future wife is still a virgin till ur honeymoon nite.but, sometime i think to myself, do i even deserve that type of a dick.. a dick dun deserve a nice cute lil girl with clean attitude n nice personality but still im hoping for it.people deserve another chance ok.prostitution? wow.its creep the hell out of me just to think bout it.i never try that, n i dun intense of my bro offer me once last year when i turn 18.i be honest, i scare.its not that i dun want to, cuz im just a normal guy.if that kind of opportunity slip by, of cos we'll just forget bout our integrity for one.but at that time, im fucking scare..thank god for thats me..a virgin actually sound cool.hahaha..
rock in, peae out!
p/s-i wanna write more, but is sound inropriate.rite?

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hannah joe said...

and i wonder..
some of my guy fren yg mana da xvirgin..
cerita bukan maen nak awek yg virgin.
not fair rite?

aCe+ said...

ya... betul2..nk yg virgin tp diri sendri x virgin.tol x?

hannah joe said...

and i think sgt not fair tau.
kesian pada girl yg penah dorg tdo tu.
lelaki xleh dtect virgin or x.
pompuan senang kot nak detect.

aCe+ said...

2r..laki kalau xvirgin ble tipu kata x..just blakon mcm nerd r time nk wat tu..cian kat yg pmpn r

hannah joe said...

blakon cam nerd.

aCe+ said...

hannah joe- tol r.wat2 mcm xtaw pa2 padahai expert

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