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January 5, 2009

Isn't It Sweet?

after reading hakim's blog, Desire A Greater Life, i have to admit its touche'.he talk bout the loneliness in this freaking campus, how much fun we had when we in our first sem..god i miss that time..time when we're still freshie n new.noe nothing bout Merbok, except CS n Village Mall.time when amir still around, time when we had a room to stop by n enjoy urself..B316-ijat's,hakim's,Amir's n jufri's room..all of DPA student part 1 at that time most of them hanged in that room..every single day its a new adventure..a lot of memory set place in that room..even me,azam n meor walk all the way from block A to block B climb the stairs, just to be there.i miss is so much..i never felt bored at all in my first sem.neither all of my bros.all the teasings, fucked up jokes, playing around, pangkah2, card playing, PC games playing, belive it or not we even study togetehr in that room..well our last day of the first semester is the last time we'd been in that room..after everything when sour..seriesly..its not that we are not having much fun in the second semester n this current semester but is just dun feel the same though..after ur first semester, amir left UiTM, Edd got kick out n we r 2 members short..n after that me,azam, ijat, amini n even amirul change class..u used to be in Class B but we change to D..we planned that all of our members of the awesoem group to change al togetehr to Class D but some of us had a clashing timetable so they stayed in B..its not taht i didnt have fun at all in D but its just dun feel the same as it used to be..its sucks!n after that, hakim finally tight the knot with saidah n meor followed with fida so they spent much of their time together2 with their ladies..its kinda hurt but what can i do, if i have a gurl in the same campus i'll do the same, so i dun blame them at all..seriesly.but, i dun feel good.ya, we still hang out together,lesser.but starting from that semester i started to feel bored..eventhough at that time i had a gurlfren, but shes not around, shes in penang.enjoying her life acting like im not her i started my thrid semester, single, still in the same class, D but new members of the family were there..more people come in n join class D so i dun felt the same anymore..too mamny people clan had enter our territory n its sucks.sometimes i flet like changing back to my old class,B but i wont be the same..i noe, whos left in B? hakim? he's busy with his lady, meor? same situation with hakim..sometime i just wish both of them will break u..i an asshole but its just not a right thing to moer n hakim enjoy ur relation ok..both of u deserve it.kuddus? he'snly in for PAD230 n CTU..shafiq? not apart of the team man.ayie? well ok ayie can hang out with me..but it wont be the same as all of us together..even pak lah is moving to u get what i mean..everybody want to enter D i dont noe why.. u guys think D is adoption center? everybody welcome? please.. well there a still some other reason for me to stay in D..azam still big bro..adi,aimil, knuckles buddy..but if i wanna move bax to B for sure all of them will follow..well, at least azam n Saf..cuz they r the former B members..but my class rep position will hold me back..for sure sir mahad wont let me change class.who else want to hold that fucked up title..CLASS REPRESENTATIVE..fuck it..more like Lecturer's dog..YA! being a class rep is nothing more than being a dog..loyal dog that willing to do, what other choice left form me fucking bored..i start to hate this campus already..maybe i should just follow Amir n K, quit UiTM n pursuit my percious dream..well, that bring out the slicky question..what is my dream? i alway say n brought out that i wanna be a roxstar, well that does not gonna happen for sure, i alway wanna be a lawyer but ist kinda hard cuz i have to go through all the academic shits, prime minister? ha3.. even i laugh at myself just when i thought bout what my big2 dream? ya rite..i dun hava a dream to already gave it up a long time ago..i alway say to myself, im a street smart not a book smart.but how im gonna survive out there without any academic back i just gonna work at swenz till im like 40 for a few buck a day? kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang? hell no1 how im gonna survive? so what other option left for me? im not that good in academic..hell i failed my acc114.hell my pointer dropped n i noe its gonna keep im gonna work it out? i hate it, really really fucking hate it..fuck fuck fuck fuck!why my life should be that hard? huh? is everyone having a hard time just like me? or im overthinking again..well its in my genes mom have it, my sis's even my dad have, what can i sucks,buckle up! enjoy the ride! chow..
peace out!

p/s- i have noe idea what this entry is really just rumbling.just wanna say n all out the things from my chest..thanx for reading..appreciate it..

5 Spits On My Face:

hannah joe said...

sama sama sama sama
hate this place so badly!
thank god u ada kwn2 jugak.
but me?
only razman for 3 classes only.
and other three..
hell.. im alone.
suck suck.
i hate this sem!
fucking bullshit this sem.

aCe+ said...

relax la kak ek..sabaq2 byk2..3 sem je lg n go through..pasni kita g shah alam kita turn over anew leaf ok

nadhirah said...

hurm.. i pown x suke balik CAmpus..dah la jauhhhh..

aCe+ said...

klantan ngn melaka kan? cian u.haha

nadhirah said...

ha'a la..tapi yang i paling suke time study week..besh siot..bangun, makan n tidow je keje..

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