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November 24, 2008

Have You Ever

Have u ever lied straight from ur face and pretend like nothing happen?
I Have...

have u ever caught red-handed but still denying it?
I Have...

Have u ever runaway from ur probs?
I Have..

Have u ever pretend like nothing happen but deep inside it matters to u?
I Have..

Have u ever do something dat will haunt u down till the end of time?
I Have..

Have u ever loose control?
I Have..

Have u Ever ever though of suicide?
I Have..

i had tried,done,thought many awful thing before.. but, i thing its for sure.. it is all in the past.. i wanna change.. i wanna be sumone better..better then ever..better then before..this is me..genuinely say,


2 Spits On My Face:

blitzizni said...

so do i..

aCe+ said...

well, we r all human rite..

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