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May 16, 2011

Bench Warmer With Zero Credit

One Simple Act Define Every Move,
One Single Mistake Destroy Your Well Build Turf,
The Rest May Relax But Your Still Gotta Fight,
Because You Are The Type Whom Always Need A Guide,
Weight On The World Is Aint On Your Shoulder,
Why? You Got No Guts To Be One Of The Fighter,
Playing It Save Might Save Your Ass From The Pit,
But Nothing Gonna Happen If You Just Playing It Sick,
You Are Not One Of The Tough Guy, Believe Me You Are Not,
Just Another Idjit Whose Ego Can Simply Be Bought,
Yet You Claimed That You Own The World,
Still You Not Getting It And Always Keep Your Card Fold,
An Beautiful Idiot Thats Where You Stand,
A Bench Warmer Who Stay Behind The Grand,
While Everyone Making The Bold Of Every Shot,
You Still Sitting Waiting For Your Guts,
Its Okay, Keep Playing It Save Brother,
Because In The End You Never Gonna Be Any Better.

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