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December 21, 2008

repost-No Tommorow

If there is no tomorrow,
what meal will I have for the last time,
Will it be Chicken McDeluxe or any of it kind
Do I really gonna have appetite or its just dying
Will I enjoy my last meal or maybe I just gonna start crying?

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I ever change?
Can I ever be tame?
Will I keep playing game?
Will my life will ever be the same?

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I ask forgiveness for all the wrong things I done?
Or just sit down pray that all of it will just be gone
Sorry, will that be my last word on my last second
Or I just be as bastard as I am that have no U-turn

If there is no tomorrow,
I know deep inside my heart will crash
Too much pressure, some haven’t been test
So many thing aren’t achieved
Some, I take it to my grave

If there is no tomorrow,
Will the world stop spinning, people stop running
Allies stop ass-kissing, enemy stop gunning
Is that even possible?
Or the world remain as terrible

If there is no tomorrow,
Will I be afraid, will I even care?
I got nothing to lose, not much to spare
Freaking out never in my vocabulary
Knowing I won’t be able to live, that’s not really scary
But,what about everybody else, how will they feel?
The fact of knowing the world gonna end, that’s worse then gets kill
Maybe its too late but its never that easy
So, brace ourself, the day will come, we’ll see..

rite this is whats on my mind..i noe.its kinda twisted but is the thought that will alway on my mine n spare myself from doing anything stupid because if there is no tomorrow, it will be too late for me to to do what Earl(from TV Series My Name Is Earl) do best, cross the lists of wrong doing n make it rite..we all done some bad stuff in our life..better start crossing it now, because the day will come where there is no tommorow n we'll gonna regret i remember why i wrote this remind myself

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

Penantian hari esok..

Jika esok tidak ada maka aku hanyalah aku..
hanya duduk tersungkur meratapi kisah semalam yang menghantui hari ini..
jika esok tak kunjung tiba..
aku hanyalah aku..
yang membilang hari2 semalam yang aku sia2kan.. melangkah longlai entah ke mana..
hanya memandang dengan harapan sirna..
jika esok tiada..
aku hanyalah aku..
dan berakhirlah aku dengan diri ku
tanpa ada hari esok..

kunantikan hari esok agar bisa kupintal2 silap semalam.. ku buang jauh untuk aku mulakan
aku dan seorang aku..
aku yang baru..


aCe+ said...


Dearie Pearls said...

i noe..

aCe+ said...

ni buat poem ni on the spot ke dah lama buat dah?

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