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December 22, 2008

well, u guys can say what u want but i cant help a short fuse,dirty fuss, hot tempered and all the things what similar to anger n bad emotion...well the things is, i got angry again today at work..well of whom who have or had work in a restaurant/stall/kedai mamak/kopitiam for sure gonna say the same things..its fucking busy n tiring n sometimes we just lost our tempered..i tried to control it today but it gets over my head..literally..well i got pissed n i kick the damn door in that silly kopitiam..even my boss was stunned n lost his words to say..he just let it be..after the anger-stupid-action move i just cant take it anymore..i left my bar..just let the order keep coming..i went outside the shop, light up my CIGGY n puffed..oh God thats damn good..after i finish it..i when back in with a smiling face.. everyone gave me the Is-He-Crazy-Or Smoke-A-Pot-Just-Now look..well, even after that moment my work just got more n more i managed to handle it with a happy face, thanks to a simple damaging,poisoning stuff called cigarette..really though..ciggys help me relax..i become mellow-er then before after i started say what u want, laugh ur ass out of me, ciggys is my bestie..well, one of mine..i guess i make a judgement call.wether i choose a angry son of a bitch wannabe or lung-cancer dude that have a dead wish for the next few years..i choose lung cancer this time, the reason that i can think bout is ciggys make me relax..ciggys control my anger, mellowed me down..a lot..if i chose angry SOB im gonna die anyway cuz of the anger eating me alive from the inside or get kill by somebody i pissed out, its a fair choice..i end up dead anyway so better choose the one with a, its my tagline "LIFE IS TO BE ENJOY NOT WASTED" rite? plus, who ever have other things to say im just gonna raise my middle finger n say FUCK U..what can i say, i dont break easy...

2 Spits On My Face:

nadhirah said...

ace..chill la sket~

aCe+ said...

hehe..tension kowt time keja..kdg2 lose r

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