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November 8, 2008

the story bout MUET..

well all my confidence bout getting band 5 just got flash out da toilet..

Reading comprehension-FUCK!!!
Writing-ok lah..chart punya aku xprepare lgsng nk jawap so xble r nk complen lebey2.
Listening- FUCK!!!!

MUET mmg susah.. so prepared well before u sit 4 it.. jgn arap r nk ble score based on ur previous experience of english.. kena well prepared, byk exercise, tido yg secukupnya kena byk baca n kena FOCUS esspecially 4 listening..dun get distracted-SERIOUSLY...reading pun kena focus leklok gak..

so long n gudnite..sebab aku nk tido dah skrg sebab xcukup tido smlm..

gudbye 4 now..

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