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November 5, 2008

back to square one..

well, i am who i am..
i cant change myself 360 degree in just one day..
i take a loy more then just 1 fucking miserable exam paper..
it takes a lot more than 48 hours of stayed up to study..
it takes a lot more than just 4 cups of nescafe with 9 pack of it.
it takes a lot more than 2 pack of winston 18's.
what do it takes?
i dunno noe..
what i do noe, dat im back to square one..
the same situation just differences exam paper..
well, 3 more paper to go..
pad160-principles of management
pad170-politics n government..

my carry marks of all 3 paper it-24..
all three..

im i prepared for the exam?


is it yesterday all over again?

I DUNNO.....

im just who i am..
the lazy,playful,chubby asshole that just wont change for anything..
only one things dats going to change me..

sorry, i just wanna keep dats to myself..

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