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November 4, 2008

only 55..

yup..dats all i need for my final exam of accounting 1-ACC114..
55 out of 100..
so dat i will get 33 over 60..
only then i can pass my most fucking subject dis semester..
i only got 16.55 over 40 for my carried mark.
so, fuck it..
i fucking hell hate acc114..
i have no basic, i hate any academic required number (including mat112-business math).. fuck dat..well, dats da reason why i apply DPA-diploma of public administration because i thought dat there will no no calculation subject in this course.. well, i guess wrong.. there a lot.. mat112, acc114, statistic which i have to face in 4th semester, accounting 2-next semester (only if i pass acc114 first)..

so, tomorrow i have my acc114 final exam n its 1.10am n i have to face my fucking nightmare in exact 7 hours n 50 minutes.. i havent revise anything yet..

wel my solution?
5 pack of nescafe 2 pack of winston 18's n pray to god.. in kinda realistic so i wont pray dat sumthing will happen tomorrow i wont have to sit for the exam, so what else can i do.. i only need 55 mark.. my target is bank recon, final ratio, final account, depreciation or maybe core in objective section.. well, gotta go.. i will fight to the end.. i dun wanna repeat this paper.. a lot at stakes..


4 Spits On My Face:

hannah joe said...

adik oi!
target sama akak nampak
hak hak

aCe+ said...

mesti r.. xmau r repeat.. tp tadi wat mcm hampeh jew

Anonymous said...

how was it???

aCe+ said...

how was it? well seriesly i dunno wether im gonna survive or not.. but i put it all on the line.. i havent sleep for 24 hours just to study acc114.. well seriously it suck.. i cant learn the subject just in a day.. but i've learn my lesson.. next sem, i'll change.. for good..

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