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January 29, 2010

I Refused To Believe!

people are naturally bad. thats what my lecturer (sir badrul azmier) said to me awhile back when im just stepping in into the campus life as a semester one which somesay promise u with a colourful n joyful. i refuse to believe him at that time.well, it just a kid that time,just git my freedom away from my parent so yeah im a bit naive back i grow older, gaining some experience of life,somehow i stil refuse to believe him. well now i do. yeah, people are naturally bad. some will put on smiling face in front of u jus to make us believe taht tehy r our safety net, our travelling pants n so called BFF. but behind our back, get ready! cuz the back stabbing knife alway come from the people who we thought was our frens, n stil r.yeah, jealousy is the main heart infection which most of the people have. no matter how nice we try, no matter how great fren we are, stil theres some else will keep on bothering them, jealous teh time of hardness thats the the way to find out who is the one should we be calling a frens. not when we r happy or enjoying life.tahts fuck up show on the set.n as always, the person who we taught is the enemy, is the oen who reach out for us whne we were drowning.thats the bottomline guys. dun trust anybody cuz after all, we are all bad person.

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