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January 27, 2010

Another Boring Day

I look up the ceiling
White burning light with no switch beep
Dust and dump filled the floor, upsweep
Dead silence comfortly as most still dead asleep
Just another boring day.

I walked out the room
Coffee mug standstill loyally beside the ashtray
Laptop on the side as same as my cellphone lay
In a blink I lighted up my ciggys left me no words to say
Just another boring day.

I lay back down
As simple as the action my mind flew freely
I puff a smoke. Nothing, joy miserily unhappy
My thought came back come back and yet again I am being me
Just another boring day.

I sat and dream high
Only one thing played in my head, that’s you
Wondering whether you were up and whatcha gonna do
Thinking of how did we get here and sort things through
Hoping for a feeling that need to be discover
Searching deeply for a glance that really matter
Maybe it as sweet romance or turn to be a disaster
Worst come to worst, it’ll just be another boring day.

p/s-poem ni aku tulih sem lepaih.

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