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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

January 27, 2010

F _ _ _ _

You are so cute, you are so beautiful

You are the reasons that make me crawl

When I face you I felt so tall

Overwhelmed by your cuteness make me seem small

You are so beautiful, you are so cute

You are the type of non-mute

When you speak I felt overwhelmed

My knees become weak, that’s damn

I like your styles, I like your perfume’s smell

U teased my hair a lot of gels

Jokes on me make me laugh so hard

Maybe it not that good but you make it seems smart

I like your perfume’s smell, I like styles

Simple n catchy make me fragile

You are so cute, I’m not gonna lie

Make me wanna come look at you, all night

I wrote this poem out of uncertainty

Maybe it seem lame but it full of dignity

This poem is to make a point

A suggestion that our heart should be join

Because I like you a lot hope you do too

Simple say, I love you.

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