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August 27, 2009

How's This For A Break Up Note?

dear renee',

"sorry babe, i cant do this rite now.
i got a lot of shits to handle,
a lot of things left to be untied,
whats left for me, aint for u to keep,
cuz i want it for myself,
again, the timing aint rite for us,
this is not another excuse to push u away,
this is just the way im explaining,
the truth never lies but the lie never fade,
maybe theres a lesson here,
for me and for you,
maybe we just let it slip out of sight,
cuz we corcern more about the hearts n feeling,
but the fact is the redemption aint free of charge,
some how someway we gotta pay for what we deserve,
we did tried our best to make the impossible possible,
it just aint it,
n of sorry for that"

from the miserable heart of,

6 Spits On My Face:

Sharifah Aishah said...

ouch! thats gotta hurt

enyheartsdiamond said...

truth hurts~

aCe+ said...

sha- it hurt! a lot!

aCe+ said...

eny- lies hurt even more babe

Syida Shu said...

im gonna kill this person . haha . yeah , lies hurt even more (:

aCe+ said...

syida- dun!! its not even her fault. its just bad timing for us to be together!

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