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April 3, 2009

The Past Of Revenge Of Ex's


its kinda harsh but, its the truth. at least im being honest about how i feel. i dunno babe. why now? its been 3 years already, grow up, move on. NO!!! i had no more feeling towards u babe. just live with it. i am different now, im not the old dude that dumb enough like before. not like u, i evolve. better being. so, i sugget u do the same. get over me man, live ur life for god sake. dun let that obsession ruin ur frenship babe. seriesly. its been a nice journey that we ride on, but make a crash as the ending of the story. please. let it go. let me go!!! remember what i used to said dun be a maniac!!
one more thing, why in the blue hell all of my past come back n haunting me huh? why now? why when im in this sitaution? hana, i get it. shes alway around but u bitch, go to hell! fuck u lil' blood angel. yes, like i said, i never get gid of our pics in my folder, but i changed its name. the folder now entitled, FUCK U LIL' BlOOD ANGEL!! happy? u should feel lucky i'd bow to myself never hurt a lady, but if im gonna break that, u'll be my first blood victim.bare that in mind.
i guess these thing happen to anyone though. our past trying to pick up where we left off. the truth is, there nothing more to patch on, except frenship. rite? i guess so. but, these people they just dun get it, MORON!!
p/s- one word sorry, is just another blurry of shame..

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...


wht happened??

fizah2hh said...

wow u sure r damn mad at this one little girl

aCe+ said...

rekha- 2 of my ex's wanna reconnect with me n try again. well, sorry, im not interested.he3

aCe+ said...

fizah- yeah. kinda.ha3. well, its in the past.

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