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March 8, 2009

Idea Dari Bantal Musyuk Senget

first, after log in my UiTM ID i got so many things to write on my blog but after taht im blurred.totally blank.damn!.well, then i view all my link members to see what they after.the, i stuck in Bantal Musyuk Senget's blog.shes cool n have a very nie, shes senget siot.ahaks.dia ngaku kot.ha3.n then,i read on post entitled "KOPAK LA ABAH AKU".its an entry bout a birthday wish i got an idea.i wanna make a birthday wish too.(bapak r bday aku lg sebulan lebih kot gatai nk wat skrg.siot tol..)..okay, here it goes

+10 Catton Of Winston(stok sebulan)+
+Closet Full Of Graphic T-shirts+
+RM1 Billion Pound Sterling..RM xcukup+
+Vacation trip To Argentina+
+Becoming the Next Malaysia's Prime Minister+
+Becoming a Dean List Student+
+Loose 10 Kg+
+Less Problems Of Life To Face+
+A Cake+
+Nice Time With My Family+

can it be granted? well, i Wish I Know..

4 Spits On My Face:

ndrh edzn said...

wah enchek ace..
adiah besday tak mau kalah yep.. :P
ish2... :P

aCe+ said...

senget-ha3.besa r.bday kan,musti mau yg gempak2 pny.ahaks

aNa said...

i want graphic tshirts too !!
bufday i bulan10 taw
jgn lupa

aCe+ said...

ana-wah2.mati la i nk bg u satu closet.ha3

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