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March 9, 2009

Anjing Kurap Tak Bermaruah

Lu mmg r bro.sorry to say r, gua awai2 dah ckp kalau lu wat cmni gua akan pggl lu anjing kurap truih pasni.skrg mmg gua akan pggl lu anjing kurap.mmg itu yg sepatutnya.gua igt lu akan brubah pas apa yg dah jadik, rupa2nya gua cilap.nmpaknya mmg gua akan kalah betting ngn meor.gua kena blanja meor winston pack least after what had happened, i thought u will have some dignity left to guards on, but i guess wrong.penat letih gua menasihat, memberi petunjuk utk membimbing lu back on the rite maybe anggap benda ni simple ja, tp x bg gua.dulu time lu ngn dia lu dah tinggalkan kami, member2 lu yg kenai lu dulu sblom lu kenai dia, member2 yg lu slalu lepak time lu sblom ngn dia, tapi skrg lu ludah balik kat muka igt kami apa.anjing cam lu? sorry r kami ada dignity, bukan cam lu.takat ni ja gua akan tolong lu.pasni kalau lu ada probs lagi ngn dia tolonglah jgn carik gua, please.gua dah always put her first, not us, ur very beshfrens.u'd made ur choice so its damn clear.pasni kalau kami ignore lu, kick u out of the group dun ever ask why.i made this hanya carik kami time lu ada probs, bila lu dah happy lu g blk kat dia.pasni, kalau lu ada probs lg, lu nk mai carik kami blk? sorry.its dun work that way.suka ati lu la lu nk wat pa pasni.gua dah xkesah gua dah fed up.gua bukan marah bro, jgn salah anggap gua cuma kecewa ja ngn lu sbb lu stilll the same even after what happen.laki yg tough cam lu ble menangis menitiskan air mata sbb dia but still terhegeh2 nk g lg kat dia? cmon man, wheres ur dignity dude.please! gua seriesly xkn terkejut skrg kalau lu kaple blk ngn dia.mcm gua ckp r.gua dah kalah bet ngn meor.this is not a punishment bor, its just a life lesson u had to face after u made a wronged choice, so face it like a man.sorry, gua akan tetap pggl lu anjing kurap lepas ni.thats just the way it is aint sweet, i always say this, but remember i alway reminds other to get a helmet, obviously u dun get one, so just face it.

2 Spits On My Face:

are_kim said...

Bro..Im so damn sory..i admit its all my fault..and u have and deserve the rite of being totally depresed with me.. I duno what to say buddy..But,what i can promise u..i will put my fren on da first line and especially u.. Even u call me whatsoeva.. I will always be there for u as how u help me bro.. I cant fight with my heart not that strong.. If im playing a fool with her,it might be easy..but, i had put my entire heart on her and even i try to pretend as if there's no luv for her,im screaming inside and it damn pain bro.. Cz i luv her as how i luv my fren.. Fren especially u help me a lot in overcome the,there's no way could i left my fren just like that.. U noe what, my heart is paining like hell.. Im cant afford of losing my fren and her.. I cant decide.. I loves both.. And i need both as i need air to survive.. My last word damn sory..I dun mean to make u depressed but i realy luv her.. U have seen urself how am i without her fallen to knee when she's no longer mine..and it same as if i lost u brother.. I cry cz of her i guess its enough to show im weak enough to fight.. Forgive me bro.. I need both..

aCe+ said...

Broken Heart can be heal, pain can goes away dude as long as u, u urlsef let it seems now that u r the probs.not her, not her frens, but u.u r the one u still lost in ur own darkness create all the way down to ur heart.i only have one thing left to say, i cant help u, its not that i dun wanna to but i cant.even if wanna to it wont change a bit cuz u r still the same person, before n after the break up.juts remember, dun say i didnt warn u if u chose to go down the this type of game, cuz in the end mark my words bro, u r the one that going to hury.worst then before.seriesly. i'd played this game before, i know the pain.thats why after this,im gonna choose to let it go, let it fly away.just one more thing, remember what ur mom said, "Study Must Come First"!

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