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February 1, 2009

Women Are APATHY..Are Them?

APATHY..aku bru blajaq words td dlm class sir Bad, current issues.apathy bermaksud sikap xambik peduli.actually when i said women are apathy i mean in political thinking.what i experience is totally different that what sir babd analyze.he said that most of the women are apathy when it come to political act, in voting the perfect candidates terms.he said that the reason PARTI BULAN-PAS win the elcction in kuala tganu bcause of this apathy attitude of the women it? or it just another political crap or excuses act that want to cover up the shame of losing the spot which BN holds before.maybe sir bad is rite, maybe hes not.i really wanna raise up my hand n give my opinion in clas just now but i dunna sumthing snapped.i lost my confident to speak out. here's what i wanna say-
bout apathy-
i agree.women are apathy in political term, in other maybe, i dunno.lets take example of permatang pauh election previously(my area) which anwar ibrahim won with a landslide victory.well the women contribute les in the victory of anwar or the losses of ariff shah..most of them just follow n cross what thier husband crossed..teh one that think b4 vote mostly are government servant.well im not totally blame them..their just dun have the enough info bout the political arena whats they here mostly is what tehir husband or neighbour rumour-ing bout n gossiping bout or what they saw on TV-which is not to exact, to call them totally apathy is impropriate..maybe apathy with a reason cuz they dun have enough info.
p/s- next time in PAD230 clas, i'll voice out my opinion,seriesly..

4 Spits On My Face:

hannah joe said...

klau berkaitan politics neh..
i agree.
klau bkaitan love life ni.
totally disagree!

aCe+ said...

hehehe..betui2.kalau bab2 love2 gurl mmg terer

nymph said...

im totally disagree with you. its not apathy, BN won the election for a very long time and now the other party. means changes happens. for me, not every changes is good, sometimes it is much much better for us to stick with something that we nknow exactly how it works.
contoh:macam BN dah siapkan satu projek, let them finish it first baru kita fikir apa yang bagus, ini tidak, sibuk mahukan perubahan, bila party lain menang projek yang dibuat terbiar, bertangguh. its such a waste.

my opinion

aCe+ said...

thanx for the comment, miss ari but i think otherwise.we do need a change.people need a change..thats same fact continues with poeple hoping for someone that willing to step up to the plate.thats is also the reason barack obama win n become the president of malaysia condition, we do need a change.after all this years BN been ruling out country for 50 years n look what happen. despotism, coruption, unequal service, fuck up politician that noe nothing bout politics n becoming a leader is the top dog of the admin.we need a change, now, to save our political area, cuz now outside people r laughing their ass out of us looking at out not saying that the opposition party have all the criteria for a good change making but still a chnage going to be make.

regarding the issue where bn started a project n the PR shut it down when their rules, i totally agree with u.sometimes i really dun understand all this politicians..thier hates of the other party n love damn much to the own party blinds them..apa salahnya kalau pembangkang beri idea yg bagus,kerajaan sokong n kalau kerajaan wat polisi yg bagus, pembangkang x suma tentang, suma xsuka,suma xsokong..kalau diorang ble tolerate ckit, malaysian political arena will be strong n powerful, not to forget respected..

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