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November 22, 2008

Jugdement Call

"Don't Judge A Book Just By Its Cover"

yes!! dats wat i love to say.. yes dats my thrid principles of life.. yes dats what i will tell my duded if they say sumthing or 'fuck' someone because they dun like his/her appearance..yes, i damn look like a saint that trying to change the world n trying to change people perspective on sumone but still...

why i make the judgement call?
sumtimes without my notice of cos, i make a judgement call on someone..
why dis happen?
should i be the on ethat do not judge bcause im da asshole dat will always tell evryone not to judge..

well i guess im just a normal human..i make a judgement call every single minutes..not just bout my life but bout people around me..

yesterday, around 4 Am i went out from my house walking in the suburbian area in my house,smoking of cos.. yes, i noe what will be in ur mind, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY DOING OUT EARLY IN THE MORNING..


a judgement call had been made.. again, dun judge a book just from its cover..
i just walking around on no actual prupose..just wanna sightseeing the area of my house had i had live in 4 almost 11 years..

back to the story, as i was walking around i came across one chinese dude..kinda well dress,not all compang camping type..he's picking up empty cans from the dustbin..yup..its true..early in the morning,picking up cans.. well, to be honest i made the judgement call at that time..

what the hell this is this dude doing picking up cans early in the morning?
is he broke or sumthing?
is his appearance just a fake?

well all the negative thought just came on coming till i reached home..but then, before a close my eyes to get some rest for the day an hour later, this thing pop out back..but its a different that time i realize, why should i judge him..well, even if its true that his broke so what..he didnt steal anything or harm anyone..he just wanna pick the cans n sell it for some penny..maybe dats not the real storyy, maybe he is well being but he just wanna make an extra income. or dats maybe he's hobby.. who noe which one is the truth? but, to make it all different its the judgement call that we make..lets put its dis way..if i kept having all the dirty -ve thought bout that dude,what if one day i bum to him sumwhere that moment of cos i will remember all the -ve thought that i had b4..n 4 sure i'll be like this

"weh,hampa taw x mamat tadi tuh punk makan sampah"


"weh,mamat td tuh dia bkn kaya mana,miskin ja..dia kutip tin mlm2 buta"


"cian mamat tuh..juai tin untul support faimly"

or any other similar stories,but who noes the real story? the truth behind that guy..maybe he have his own reason..maybe he is broke n need those cans to support his life but only god noe..but if we make the judgement call on that guy thats gonna change the whole perspective on him,for sure..all the negative look will be on his back while he turn away just based on unknown reason or fantasy that been, dun judge..unless all the truth r reveal or the real reason its there..


4 Spits On My Face:

Mr DeVil said...

komen r aku bro,ada org ktuk ang mmkn smph ka bro,pasni ku xleh blog slama sbln

blitzizni said...

dun judge e people by its blog 2!

aCe+ said...

mr devil-aku dah cmmnt dah kan?

aCe+ said...

izni-well sory.. at first i do judge u by ur blog..maybe its bcuz i dun noe u in person..yet...

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