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November 21, 2008

The Tough Choice

lost a frens,gain anu frens..
lost a gurlfren, u gain a nu pain..
my friends thought me back..
im totally disagree..
lost a gurlfren u gain bax ur freedom..
free to the loved..
free from any attachment.
free to giv a flying kiss to any random hot gurl..
free to wink to anyone on the street..
free to hang out with ur frens anytime
free to choose anything u want in life without refering to anyone..

but, theres a price to pay..
loneliless will be ur besties..
jealousy towards ur frens who in love will bust out..
self esteem sumtimes runaway from u.
appearance seem useless to be show off.
ciggys n movie becomes ur pillow n bed..
live sex chat is ur nu frens in midnite..

u see.. thats da big different bout having a spouse n being on ur own..some people prefer being alone bcuz they have been alone since god knows when but some others, who have been in relation b4, these is whats their situation might end up with.. so choose wisely..
which one u wanna choose?

4 Spits On My Face:

fara aqma ghani said...

em,i hate to make a choice.
well,i thk i prefere.........
to settle down and get married dr kapel je.
kapel dgn that guy tak semestinye diala yg kite setia,tp klau khwen,kesetiaan hny disitu.

hannah joe said...

prefer single.
*sob sob*
wanna be single~!!

aCe+ said...

fara aqma- well fara i dun wanna break ur heart but the reality is, kalu dah kawin pun xsemesti setia n confirm bahagia..sorry dats just the fact dat we have to accept

aCe+ said...

hannah-j- aik? dah kapel pn nk jdk single plak?

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