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December 1, 2008

Sharing Is Helping

Some, with fully egotic attitude will never let their heart open for sharing anything that they feel inside of them..they'll just let it through n fight it all by themself..loneliness,pain n misery is their besties all the time, caring,loving n shring is the common enemy day by day..hard to get,a Dick, an Ass, stupid lil' bastard..ya thats this the titles description that can be conclude to these type of people.never care, full of fake smiling n brutally judge by its leads that only gonna eat them alive piece by piece...

no doubt, i was one of them..ya, 100% sure..pure hardness covering my heart form being expose freely to mortal connection with any kinds.yes, it kill me by facing the non-angelic curse all by myself..waiting to break, hoping to survive..willing to sacrifices ones body, counting on any helping hand that want to help..but it a fucking experience..the pain,the pressure cannot be held my ones will break loose..its will get into the mind n spreads the disease of unpleasantness...that was what i am before..

now, as i started to care n share, the pain n misery heals little by little..slowly, the disease cured inch by inch...yes, sharing the pain will get in removed,slowly..still, i have to face the demon on my own but not all of it..some, i can let it go by giving the chance for somebody to feel it once, the try to seize it once, to be in my helps..truely..n now i can wake up tommorow, facing the challenge,strut it down to the bottom of life,strong as never..all it takes, it just some pity willingness..willingness that already there,waiting for me to take it n used in as pain-healer..god i wish i done it long time ago so that i wont be as damn bitch as i am.all it cost, is my ego shield to be turn off for the right person.the person that we trust to share the tiny amount of weight that we carried on our shoulder for god know help, even a little..

but remember, it has its cost..sharing to the wrong person might make it all become more complex than ever..might turn out worsen..suffering will be having an extra crunchy reinforcement.our dark world will become darken as more just because of the simple mistakes of choosing the right are we ready to make that call? to choose to share? to choose to another problematic add-on that we shouldnt make? but if it is a right one, its worthless..if is a wrong one, there a price to pay..hell of a price..still, its a damn good risk that we should take because before its get heavier its enlighten it out first before our life turn for me, i know i make a clear as a blue sky judgement call.i know i make a right choice..i truly know

2 Spits On My Face:

nadhirah said...

what about sharing is caring?

aCe+ said...

well, sharing IS caring..but sumtimes people share just to let the burden go away a lil bit..

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