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November 14, 2008

the long talk

last nite,well not exactly nite maybe early in the morning around 2 or 3 i had a long talk, or should i say debate wif "my brother" aimi. well it first start just about me repeating my LDK session next semester n its ended up being sumthing else. first he question my act bout just letting it be the way it is bout the LDK session.. well the situation is this.. well in a kesat student(Kesatria Negara) n we here in uitm had to go through LDK(Latihan Dalam Kumpulan) session every semester to build up our confident on blah2.. well the probs is, i had a camping wif Kesat which is clashed wif my LDK session which is i ask my Kesat Comander whats it gonna be.. n they say dun worry boutt it, we'll take care of it which they didnt.. n i ended up been fuck up by the Kesat team beccause i had to repeat my LDK next sem n they just lepas tgn cm2 jew.. so aimi questioned my act because i just let it be n dun fight for my rite,, n i counter by saying dat why should i fight where else i noe dat im not gonna win..well, lets face it. LDK is compulsary n Kesat is just a camping but instead i choose to go to Kesat's my thought is, it is my mistakes to be dumb enough to trust all the i wont dats what i said to aimi n he kinda like a realistic person but he is the other way around.. our debate end up from LDk to life. i gave him a example bout the situation. the example is "If my dream is to have 1 Billion n i noe dat its kinda impossible so why should i fight for it" n if i even reach to the dream i imagine for but by dat time i'll look back n realize that i'd lost to much just to achieved one dream.. he totally disagree with me n he fought very hard for dat fact.. one of his rebut is oprah winfrey(it is the correct spelling?)..she start from nothing n now shes a billionair n she does not loose anything instead.well our debate didnt ended up to dat.. aimi make a statement after dat.. "kenapa hah budak2 part 2(by part two he mean december intake students) mcm heart broken semacm jew"..well its kinda true..kami suma mmg ala2 heart broken pun.. dah jdk realistic semacm..berpijak di bumi yg nyata to be exact.. cthnya ajam..xabih2 ckp yg bdl2 DPA will ended up just being Kerani..plg baguih pun ble jdk Ketua Kerani.. maybe dats why aimi stated dat part 2 student kinda heart broken..well, my argument is dat we "the december intake" students had fall, had been to the bottom of the sea b4 we hit up back to the solid ground.. well its kinda true.. bdk2 december ni kbykannya mmg heart broken..ada yg bru kena tendang dr matrix, ada yg tlah heart broken sebab xdpt masuk u time julai intake,ada yg dah ambik stpm n didnt score well, ada yg dr U or college len n dipaksa masuk, yes i agree..kami mmg heart broken but we have our reason..and dats why we kinda been realistic bcuz we had lost the fight b4.. we failed b4 this a we dun want dat to happen again.. thats why we r who we r today.. so, aimi replied shouldnt u guys should be stronger than ever rather then been heart broken..well its kinda hard to get back on ur feet after ur been hit so hard.. so again i give him the example of my life..which is about being realistic type.. i told aimi that before dis used to have a dream which is to be a Rockstar n live my life as a musician..but the truth is its hard to be a rockstar.. well take the indie band in malaysia 4 example.. how many of them had fall..yes sum of them survived but many many if u want to compared to the one that fall n failed? so i told aimi dats the reason why my band stop n being realistic n further our study. well he argue again.he said dat that kinda thinking why u guys keep failing apart.. u should just keep fighting.well, i told him the reality of rockstar.. being a newbie in indie/underground scene of music take a lot more then just dream.. money, time n many the payment for a gig is too liltle to support how many of the indie band had a second job to support their music career? rite? so dats why i gave up the dream n stand on solid ground n been here to further my study because i noe its the only way to survive in the real world..

so what do u think..please leave a comment.. i really need a reply..

- im i too realistic?
-it is truth the december intake students are heart broken?
-am i making a mistakes not pursuiting my dream to be a rockstar?
-should we be realistic in life?

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Mr DeVil said...

noe bro,u doing da right thing,sometimes u need to lose before u win..and it doesn't mean u are loser..

aCe+ said...

well, i totally agree with u mr devil

blitzizni said...

nah u did e rite thing. sumthinx juz need to b sacrifice to achieve else thing dat matter. u blaja eco kn. opportunity cost. 2nd best choice dat need to be forgone. :)

uh ea, LDK tu pe la sngt. i yg part 1 & 2 repeat. nex sem mau wat 3 trus LDK. ahahaha. shit!

aCe+ said...

-$well, u rite. plus, in reality we need to realistic to stay survuved.rite?

blitzizni said...

reality? er~ dun ask me. look at my 'primal legacy' entry to find out e ans. ;D

aCe+ said...

i agreed. reality is a fickles Bitch!

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