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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

May 30, 2013

In The Dark We Shall Wait, In The Light We Shall Meet

A Line.
Too Thick For Someone So Big To Realise It Exists.
Yet You Cross Like Nothing Ever Stand In The Way.

A Door.
A Key In Need To Open For Answer Yet You Haven 't Ask The Important Question.
Rhetorical Maybe But As Real As You And Me.

A History.
A Year Long Of Pain And Suffering But A Disguise Well Played Hidden In All From All Playing Roles.
Fear Not, In Their Eyes You Are Still The Sweet Angel In Distress And I Am The Asshole With Rage.

A Recognition.
Something As Valuable As Single Dust In The Air But Nothing Ever Prove So Innocence. 
A Blessing In Disguise But Never Revealed As The Public Shouldn't Know.

A Smile.
As Sharp As A Knife Cutting A Flesh Of A Scarred Wound.
Never Healed Never Recover And Still There To Remember.

A Simple Hello.
Reconciliation In Form Of Genuine Gesture Yet Poisonous As Ivy's Strike.
A Cute Meet, Never Planned Never Executed Yet Might Make Right.

A Conclusion.
What The Future Holds For Us Is For You And I To Set Atone.
The Balls In Your Court As I Am Here Not As A Judge But As A Witness For Justice.

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