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April 17, 2010

So Long & Gudbye To Teen World, I Don't belong There Anymore

as i turned 20, well it suck though.i wanna be 19 forever but thats just wishful thinking i guess.hahaha. now, like it or not i belong in adulthood, no more teenager.but do i change completely? dun worry im stil me. i dun believe in resolution changes n wishes. i change when ever i want to.pediodically, not instantly.i will change but not in single day, not starting tiday cuz its my bday, i will change bit by bit.haha.

well, thanx to all the bday wishes. i appreciated it a lot though. to all the texts, all the wishes through facebook, chat in facebook,email, mail i facebook. thanx a lot. sory its my reply its short but stil i appreciated it all.n specially for the one who called me on the exact moment of 12am today. who? not gonna tell. haha. n not to forget for all the early wishes, stil tengkiu.hehe.

my bday turn on to be great but stil theres one grudge. not a big one but i was hoping for it to happen actual. guess what, she didnt wish me. well, she did chat with me 30 minutes aerlir to ask whether its my bday, n then she promised to wih on the excat time, but that didnt happen.well, im not as hurt as i thought i would, but im kinda excepting another letdown n that is what excatly happen so its okay.

p/s- stil looking for poetry book.ahaks.silly

4 Spits On My Face:

Syida Shu said...

adaaaaaaam ! happy birthday . u are no longer teeeeeenager sebar dah tade belas belas dekat umur u heee kidding ! :D

still , happy birthday . may god bless ! (:

aCe+ said...

syida- tahnx babe. ya, da xrumaja da. da masuk alam org tua.ahaks

Sharifah Aishah said...

happy belated birthday.. sorry lmbt wish

aCe+ said...


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