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April 17, 2010

Welcome To The Adulthood

abg,,i found diz 1 poEm 4 u...
so,,i guEss diz is da bEz birthdAy wishes 4 my dearEst bro...=)

"I'm fortunate, and I'm glad
I got you for my brother;
Even if I had the chance,
I wouldn't pick another.

I'm happy you're in my life
You're my winner, come what may.
May your birthday wishes come true
On your very special day. "
hAppy 20th birthday abg adAm...

mAy aLLah bLess u aLways=))

2 Spits On My Face:

nAja said...

huhu~ =)

aCe+ said...

hehehe.thanx naja

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