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December 14, 2010

Turning Point Of A Pure Hearted

All Our life, We Dream
Dream About Having It All
And Yet There Very Few Of Us Few Live That Dream
We All Imagine Whats Its Feel Like To Be A Big Superstar
All The World That We Wake, Just Trying To Survive Another Day
For Years, Thought If I Was Doing The Right Thing I Will Be Rewarded
I Find It Out The Hard Way, That If You Want Something You Take It!
Have I Let A Lot Of People Down?
Of Course I Have
But That's Doesn't Matter
There's No Turning Back Now
At Turning Point, I Will Take Again At Any Course
Celebrate The Anti-Christ Of The Goods.

As I Look Down At The World
From 25000 Feet Above
It Become More And More Clear To Me
That I Was Always, Always In Control Of My Own Destiny
I Was Always Above It All
I Was Always Better Then Everybody Else
As I Catered To The Creatures Of The Night
Looking For Acceptance
They Look At Me And Said, "Your Acceptance Is Meaningless"
It Did Not Bring Me Fame
Because Importantly, It Did Bring Me Wealth
I Am The "Here", I Am The "Now"
I Am The Anti-Christ Of The Goods

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