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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

September 17, 2010

This Is How We Roll

A Week. Yeap. Thats The Only Time Frame I Have To Spent With Her. Seriously. But, It Is All Worth It. We Hang, We Bang, We Chang We Go Nuts, We Kick Each Other Butts, But Most Importantly No One, I Meant No One In Our Clan Know That We Share A Feeling For Each Other. That's The Beauty Of It. Babe, Seriously Now I Totally Understand Why You Wanna Keep In Below The Radar Of All Our Friends. I Really Can't Imagine If One Of Them Find Out About Us.It'll Be A Disaster, Totally. But Inside, I Still Can't Fight It. I Still One An Open Air Relationship, No More Faking, No More Covering Up, No More Lying, No More Nothing. I Just Wanna Be Able To Hold Ur Hand In Public. That's All. But Its Hard, I Know. You Can't Get All You Want, I'm Cool It It. I've Got Only Another 46 Hours To Spent With You, And I'm Gonna Used It Well. See You Tommorow.

p/s- i know we both choose to ignore it, but just now when i'm about to kiss ur cheek goodbye, u turned to kiss my cheek, n our lips touch.yes, we can ignore it babe, but it happened!

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