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February 12, 2010

Old Buddies Y'All

i love penang. really really love penang. its a place where miracle happen n its a place where we can reconnect with old both of u, thanx. i really had a great time tonites. i miss the gud old days where we can hang out anytime we want, any place we want. but the thing is, things arent the way it used to. we had a different life now.seperate one i suppose. u guys had ur way, i had my own way. that why sometimes i even regret following my dream to pursuit my further study cuz its tearing us apart. well gud thing we aint that far away from gone forever. i love u guys till the end ok, just keep in touch. im just sorry that im not gonna be able to stay in penang as long as i wanted. i really wanna to, but the path i chose is different from yours. maybe u guys gonna understand it when u choose to further ur study like me. well, by that time, we will be far more seperated then now. even worse. only thing we cna do ,is hoping that we wont loose the frenship bridge that we build since we in high skool.wish both of u gudlux in ur new career life. wait up, i'll be in ur level any time soon.

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