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October 22, 2009

Secret Feeling

im new in this.
but theres someone out there that i'd glance at.
i'll find some excuse to see her.
i'll do anything to be there for her.
but i guess, she'll never know.
this is not me.
i take no time to confess.
the moment i got the feeling,
i spread it out.
but know this time.
not after the incident with M.
i'd becoem more carefull.
it not bout afraidness.
it just im becoming wiser.
i got a feeling.
its to you.
but im not sure its love.
dun sweats it.
i'm taking it slow.
this time,
i'll deep deeper to understand the feeling.
but im not sure bout the outcome.
upon the feeling,
there's always a distarction.
distraction that conflicts with my feeling.
but at the end,
it bounce back to you.
three time is bounce back to u.
i not its meant something.
n now,
i get a new way to overcome it.
i already get a way to be closer to u.
to be secretly feels sometime bout you
but im glad.
i get back what i needed.
"the feeling of missing somebody"

p/s- its a feeling post, not love post

2 Spits On My Face:

not my story said...

ngok ar u
tak cite pun ouh!

aCe+ said...

xsempat jumpa u lg, nk cita cmna! cuba kira tgk brapa kali i gi clas mggu ni

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