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October 19, 2009

Baru Abih Present

peh abih pun present.. okaylah. what do u expected, kita xsampai 24 jam buat, so we r proud of our presentation. idea from ajam smlm bru dpt time kat makbul around pukui 11. stat wat proposal around pukui 12. siap pukui 12 tgh ari td. so yes, we r proud with our work no matter what marks we will get. ciao!

4 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...


aCe+ said...

eny- thanx. u r the first person ever said congrats to me in my study. thanx alot

Aishah Rahim said...

BEL terbaeeekkkk..

DODO terbaekkk..

kn kn kn?

aCe+ said...

ecah- ok la. terbaek kot. aku tiap2 mggu xpenah attendance full kot. ha3.dia xpenah sound pun.

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