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September 25, 2009

Supernatural Season 05 Episode 01- Sympathy To The Devil

peh! seriesly dude, season 5 mmg besh. sam ngn dean tgh conflict with each other, dean bebai ngn sam sbb dia khianat n xmau ikut ckp dean, n in the end, sam cause the apocalpse to kick satart n now the devil- lucifer is breaking loose. dean ciap ckp gi kot yg dia dah xble nk trust sam dah. lucifer plak dah jumpa vessel dia n dia dah ble masuk dlm badan vessel dia. mamat tu nama pa ntah. jap aku check. bru tgk td dah lupa dah. n guess who make a comeback in season 5? the demon in season 1, meg! mak aih dia dah sempat cucuk bobby kot ngn knife that could kill a demon. seriesly, aku igt bobby akan mati since depa dah nak wat season 5 last season kan. ha3. but guest what, bobby is still alive n kicking. plus, kan dlm season 4 dean dah wat deal ngn geng2 angel suma yg dia akn tolong depa. the help that he agree upon is to be the angel "Micheal" vessel so that Micheal kan fight n kill lucifer. after all, Lucifer is an angel after all. prophet chuck pun re appear dlm season 5 n still got his futuristic, in the end of the episode one, dean said that he will fight both hell n heaven, whcih mean he willing to fight all angels n the dvil with "GTH" attitude- Give Them Hell! oh yeah, castiel is survived n he did come to the boys rescued when zachariah was trying to force dean to agree to be Micheal vessel's, by force meaning torture. so in the nutshell, supernatural season 5 had a hell of a starting season episode.
p/s- skrg aku nak tgk plak episode 2- "Good God Y'all"

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