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September 21, 2009

Hey You Please Listen!

first of all, let me remind you, specially you, or maybe anyone whom may corcerns, THIS IS MY BLOG! LiFe To Be EnjoY Not WasteD is my blog, belong specially to aCe+. so i can write, xpress anything, fuck anything, thought shitting anything i want in this craphole cuz it is design specially to stink my shits, not anyone else. anyone who got a probs with my writing u can get u sorry ass outta here, cuz i dun need ya, n frankly i dun give a damn watcha thinkit seems like u r the done who having probs, so why dun u deal with it, n angkat bekas pungkok ang n blah! i can take hit, seriesly can, but if it is a probs, it aint mine to handle.yes, my writing may seem a lil bit cruel, hurts someone who reads, dun i dun give a damn. i wrote straight from my mind, i wrote straight from my heart, it is my thought n as a normal human being its a creative way i xpress my thought by spreading it all in my blog. yes, it seem unfair, my writing may hurts but it is what it is, so deal with it! gotta a probs? create ur own blog, n write a goddamn words nerdy-ly as u want. got it?

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