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August 19, 2009

Whorish Ex

tgk title di atas? special tak.. actually aku ada wat satu poem n its entitle Whorish Ex. poem yg alen dari yg laen. special sbb its not about love or life cuz ussually when i started to poem-ing its all just about love n life but this time this poem is specially dedicated to one of my ex. wanna know why? cuz hm... baca ja la ek poem ni kalau nak atw ngn lebih lanjut just leave a comment. chow!!!

I ain’t tough, I ain’t strong, I ain’t unbreakable
Physically looks like a hard shell but deep inside I’m just a soft apple
To get over you it took me to a journey with half bottle of Black Label
Time on time will heal the pain, thank god I was able

You said it’s done but it’ll never been the same
I’d flush all our reminiscence down the toilet but there’s still pain
Say what you want but it aint why I kept our pics in My Memory Lane
I rename it “FUCK YOU LIL BLOOD” cuz you used to drive me insane

No foreplay, No kiss on the lips, No nothing
No cute make-up, No cute dress, no cute pink
I ignore it all and expose my weak link
When I with you I stop judging and starts flirting

What do you expect it stuck in my head like a bubble gum
I wish I never open the video entitled “awek skate poen tembam”
Watching your pussy been fucked by other dude make me numb
Maybe I am overreacting but I aint anyone else, I am Adam

The thing between us is far long over
I’m no longer in status of your lover
The truth is I ain’t such true believer
In love, in faith nor vagina banger
But watching your sex making video make me wonder
Even you refused to admit it but you are a cock sucker

I know now I make a right decision to break up with you
Sorry? No, no, no. thank you “My Sweet Lil’ Blood Angel”
Cuz it’s not my hand but yours which tangle
Now, I can fly high or reach to the core
Cuz It’s not me whom acted like a whore
Thank you “My Shiteru”
Thank You for showing me the truth

6 Spits On My Face:

enyheartsdiamond said...

berterus terang betol!

n dis 1 is klaka..
"awek skate poen tembam"

u mmg berbakat ok!;)

*pasal band tu..i on je;)hehe

cintaleaixora said...

wonder.. ur ex r like dat? but i like dis poem... i pon nak tuju utk my ex la ;p

not my story said...

weyh ape kes babe..
tak story pun ngan i..

aCe+ said...

eny- ha3. actually i tgh surf laptop wkn i, pastu i jumpa satu video ni entitled ex skate poen tembam i bukak r, pastu dlm video its about my ex n soem unlucky bastard tgh wat sex. i gelak jew tgk video tuh.

aCe+ said...

cinat lea ixora- thanx. bagi je wkat ur ex

aCe+ said...

saf- xsempat nk story, ahad ni dlm class i story ok

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