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May 22, 2009

At Some Point

remember when i used to quo that Bro's Before Ho's. well, at some point, i refuse to believe that. i do think that Ho's at some point come firsts before Bro's. really. i do came up with that prevously eventhough i quo it a lot in my life. but after i read Eddy's blog, i do realize, no, shouldnt done that. Bro's should first everytime. u know why, Ho's give u pleasureness, everytime. they make u feel love, feel appreciated n all of that lovey dovey stuff make it u wishes that u'll marry her at some point. but when we in love, i tense to forgot one cold fact. which is, all the fun we had with our Bro's. all the prank, all the hang out, all the stupid things we will done, all the mind blowing stuff that we never thought we'll cross. aint it? yeah! so i knwo understand u "angel..", why u will choose ur frens at some point, eventhough it seem reckless to me at that time. i didnt think straight at that time. but now, i totally understand, cuz i will make the same call as u if i am in the same situation though. so, Bro's Before Ho's.

p/s- SAF. u aint just my babe frens. u r in my Bro's list.remember that!

4 Spits On My Face:

Dearie Pearls said...

Hye adam...
pict adam yg atas tu best hooo..
rambut jugak yg best..

dah banyak kisah angel...
saper ker dier..

aCe+ said...

rekha- thanx. pic tu tgh time keja tuh. ahaks. angel? hm.. kena tunjuk lagi.ahaks

Dearie Pearls said...

memang hot!

rambut jugak ar..

aku undi rambut..

aCe+ said...

rekha- rambut xmasuk kategori r.ahaks

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