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January 14, 2009

Time Will Only Erase The Pain,It Wont Heal The Scar

when the time we were happy, everything seems rite.everything seems conquer all, people choose to believe that but the fact remains, love also can destroy..its has destoy me before, it has blindfold me again n again, i choose to believe that love can conquer all.still, i been fool, again.i try not to think bout it,but it stil bother keep haunted me.guys had their ego, ego that im not proud of, but im apart of.still, thanks to u, u kill the ego by ur appearance,the one that i believe its truly yours.u lied straight to me face, attack straight to my guts. u steal my heart away, just to throw it away deep deep inside the dark hole of lies.a guys heart is softer in different part.yes, girls a vunerable, but it is their advantage.guys, are strong, manly but when they give their heart to somebody, they r more vunerable than girls could ever be..girls who noe this info, well educated in relation choose to take an advantage out of it.well, thank you.u did it.. u are one of the person that succeed..the one that can pass trough all obstacle i create, all hard way i build to protect my heart from being hurt.i dun it! Congrats! mission life been in living hell afterward.thanx.well, u should be thankful, enough cuz ur survive out of it in one piece.survive!if i am what i used to be, i bet u, u r the bitch that i will hunt down.u r the prey that im gonna fully dedicated to kill.thank god i've a good way.maybe its a wrong reason to be fall in love again..after all that i've been through with u, i should be done by now..still, my heart is strong, my will is undenialable.i care to try again.i want to make another mistakes, cuz thats how i gonna learn.thats how im gonna find MISS all fashioned way..try n gonna keep trying..u r history to me.u r no one to me.btw, u noe that i lied by saying that we had a clear break up.clean n smooth eventhough it real one is damn ugly.remember how big ur fight was?u just gonna forget that? just like dat..goddamn! dun u have a heart? dun used that that asshole name as an excuse.. respect me enough by not lying straight to my face, again.. for once, be true, be u, be a girl. "we can be a friend again" funny is it that fucking words coming out ur funny u just gonna put all things behind n have a new clean, u r amazing..i admire u.. u gonna be the best of the best SLUT in the world.thank god, u r my past.thanks again for going through all the hardwork to find my blog n leave a comment.thanks, please come again.please, drop by one more time.i insist!
p/s-jangan tanya dah napa aku koyak dan buang gambaq kami dalam laut! enough said!

4 Spits On My Face:

blitzizni said...

dah terluka mestilah berparut. nampak dgn x nampak je.

Anonymous said...

luka di tangan nampak - luka dihati siapa yang tahu.
orang muda kena banyak belajar dari pengalaman ... bila older sikit lebih steady lah!

aCe+ said...

izni- betul..tambah2 laki..susah nk nmpak sbb laki slalu hide

aCe+ said...

ruzzlan2312-thanx for he advice

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