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November 1, 2008

happy go lucky..

some say,
im da kinda of guy which in the hepi go lucky type.
is it true?
well, i have to say just..
susah gak r org nk tgk aku muka com @ susah ati @ tak lalu nk makn ker..
im just not dat kind of guy.. why should u be upset eventhough u got a problem?
just relax, calm down let it pass by.. u wil have to face it anyhow so why be upset?
just stay hepy 4get bout it for a while n when u r ready fight it like hell.
trust me.. no matter how hard, no matter how deep, no matter how difficult we can overcome it..
or its just gonna be hanging around u or hunt u down..
but why should u let it bring u down?
it shouldn't..
dats why i choose to be hepi go lucky just stay hepy all da time.
eventhough there r so much pain in me, soo much probs, soo much responsible laying on my shoulder, so many things to face, so many fucking person i hate dat i have to face everyday damn day, but will i let it bring me down?

hell no..

yes sumtimes it get into my head.. but just for a while.. if u ever find me down, just leave me for a me.. i'll be back on my feet as good as gud as fun as great as i used to be..
because in just human..
i do have feeling..
sumtimes i loose control of myself.
trust me, when i do, i dun wanna be near me..
because im a very hot tempered, a short fuse, a loose cannon, not a wise one when im angry..
i tried to keep it deep deep far as i can push it down..
i dun wanna let anybody see the real me..
the jerk,the bastard, the asshole dat i am, n who i alway be..
i cant buried it 4 good.. its just who i am..
but i can promise one thing, i can control it..
even in the hardest situation..

dats why i choose to be


because sumtimes its easier to pretend to be a person dat u r not just to fit in, otherwise i will die alone.. it is hard but i can try.. yes! im trying..

it just who i am..

adam (pronoun as adem)

the person dat u noe as
-a happy go lucky
-jovial type
-trying to be cute
-sumtimes crazy
-chinese look wif a pure malay heart
-vegetables haters

so which one of this are my real characteristic?
the one dat isnt fake?

to be honest, i dunno anymore..
its get mixed up alredy..
i am who i am..
what u see, thats me..


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