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October 25, 2008

and counting..

life in campus..

some say is difficult some say is fun, somesay is crazy but somesay is awesome..

so which one is da truth??

to me, is all above...

its just how u live wif it.. if u compare it wif ur life in school, hell yeah its totally different from any angle.. but, still life hood in skool its da best time of my life.. dats just from my P.O.V.. some may say other but i stand for it.. bcuz when we r in skool we r growing up.. trying to figured out our self, trying to find our path, making our click, learning life as we grow.. but some of us make a mistakes during dat period n face da consequence till now.. including me.. but, its a mistakes dat will change our life n make us better, stronger n careful.. so, if any of us makes mistakes during our skool hood time, just be thankful dat we made dat mistakes in da past.. bcuz now, we alredy noe bout it n lerned sumthing..just dun make da same mistakes twice..

but in campus life,

we a young adult..we r in the process of living life not learning.. we have to ake care of out self.. feed of our own, surviving n many more.. its or last playful time of youth.. after dis, we r adult.. no more playing around, lesser time for hanging out.. we got bigger responsible..

our self, our family, job dat need our attention...

no more quitting.. no more relaxing.. yes maybe we can take a short break but its not forever.. sooner or later, we r back on the job..

so fellas, enjoy ur life in campus.. its da last pit stop of joyful, fun, amazing, crazy stuff, frenship..
after this pit stop we will enter da real world.. da world dat know no value of frenship, the world of back stabber, the world of Hypocrite, the world dat know no stopping no resting no enjoyment.. as we enter dat world, the is no turning back.. so brace urself, prepare for the real deal bcuz it aint far away.. its just by da corner.. its no more living, its surviving..

will we survive? or should i say can we survive??

we will or can find out reall soon....

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