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September 15, 2008

Quota 90:30

Quota 90:10... wat the hell is this thing? Hm… for all music lover(indie of cos) the quota can be defined as the savior of our local indie act. Is actually a quota dat gonna keep our music scene alive and kicking. In dis quo, it stated that 90 % of the music show are belong to the local act and only 10% leverage are given to the outsider musician to perform in Malaysia(Indon Bnad of cos)… wat does dis means? Are Indon music scene not as kicking as they used to be? Or our local fans finally realize da value and quality dat our local act have? Ya it is all becuz “The Rise Of The Underground”.. thanx to eStranged, Meet Uncle Hussain, Hujan(most controversial of all, hahaha) finally of music scene been given a life to breathe again.. by eStranged winning in Juara Lagu showed us dat indie music can survived in mainstream music scene.. ya of cos is quite controversial becuz some people argue dat eStranged winning is all becuz Faizal Tahir been kicked out of the picture, but dats their P.O.V!!!! From my P.O.V even if Faizal Tahir in the AJL dats doesn’t mean eStranged does not have da chance to win.. maybe even if faizal tahir compete, eStranged can still win.. who noes? Ok lets put eStranged aside, how bout Hujan , Meet Uncle Hussain, Pop Shuvit? Without eStranged win, M.U.H still be as famous as they are rite now(Thanx to the TV show KAMI n “Lagu Untukmu”).. Hujan? “DA Controversial Band Of All Time”.. without estranged winning, “Pagi Yang Gelap, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada, Aku Scandal” are still conquering the airwave.. hmm. Bittersweet? Their Britpop wave can still happen without estranged..How bout Pop Shuvit? They still can sell their album in Japan without a doubt.. so even without eStranged winning, “The Rise Of The Underground” can still happen.. so wats up now? Hmm… so from my P.O.V I totally support the new quo.. its for our own good…. Maybe its time dats the mainstream scen take a second look for the indie side of music.. band like Dragonred, Julies Goes Overseas, Upon Arrival, Couple ,Jeoperdice, The Times, Love me butch, Plague Of happiness Cynosure, Komplot, Force Vomit, Estrella, Seven Collar T-Shirt, they will kill us all, edge of fire, bunkface and many more.. orang dulu cakap, JANGAN CEPAT MELATAH!!!!! Tengok dulu baek buruk sesuatu tuh bru ckap.. hm… dats all..

peace In, rock out!!!!!

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faradiba anuar said...

wahai abang,
adik menyesal tak dengar nasihat abang on relationship tu.
i think im just used to be his mangsa rebound relation.
malang aku.
(i think thats enough for this sem,takmo telibat dgn mane2 dak laki lagey)

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