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September 18, 2008

Changing The World

Searching in the dark still can’t find a thing
In this nowhere road it’s just not fit to sing
I know I can make a change but I’m not the king
How can I stand it, it just not my ring

Strange place to be weird thing to see
People ignorance, something that I just don’t agree
Massive destruction happen in here where it suppose to be
Was it all wrong or it is just me?

Making mistakes seem to be silly
Killing people just seem so easy
Man are not either beast nor grizzly
How revenge take place so suddenly?

Blaming other just not the rights move
Dying world need to be improved
Humanity and society need a second chance
Don’t wait till everything we know turn to sand

Bullets and missiles can stop, it just a matter of time
Misery and pain can heal, just let music roll and rhyme
Make a move, make a change, make a choice
Stop the kebaboom!, press play the lil’ voice

Change the world for all, give’em a shining hope
For them that been left hanging, throw them a rope
Bury all bomb, put down guns, let it lock not load
Respect each other, human life it is not a joke.....

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