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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

September 10, 2008


I never truly love you
For God sake I know it is true
Maybe I’m really blind or stupid, but it’s the right things to do
Who cares, I jst wanna be with you
My interests in you, its never cruel
Before I go to dreamland, I will always say “I love you”

Is my feeling to you love, I always wonder?
If its worth I’ll willing to trade my soul to the soul trader
I love you so much, whenever I high or sober
Simple curiosity cross my mind whether we’re soulmate
If its true, wow! It will be great
What if it’s not, my God hope it’ll not come true what I just said

Recently speaking I don’t really know what I feel right now
So many things in my mind, sorry I’m not willing to take a bow
I love you so much before, but I’m not really sure right now
We never fight at all, no such things as sorrow
We never share things, no offer for a borrow
I’m not sure our relation is love, today maybe what about tomorrow?

I really love you my sweet lil’ blood angel
It’s not I’ve someone else, but my heart right now really fragile
I’m so sorry babe, my cute shorty, my sweet dream goodnight, my girl
So many things up in my head, my mind been twisted and twirled
Maybe it’s good for us to keep the distance not just for now but for real

I’m sorry babe, maybe we are not meant to be
Maybe someone out here for you, or maybe I’m just being silly
I want us to be like before, when I say “I love you” daily
I just don’t want to know why but that really rare lately
Maybe, maybe, maybe we should break up, really
I know this will break your heart, it hurt me too, I’m really really sorry

My sweet lil’ blood angel, I release you
Fly and go to the place you really want to
I’m insist I really do
Fly high and rip the sky in blue
Don’t worry about me, fate and faith will find me my real boo
Its just that, that boo its not you….

err... to anybody who even read dis stuff just leave cmmnt ok.. i dun really wanna talk bout what dis poem is really about.. if u really look through it maybe u'll got the idea of the poem..ok chow..hehehe..

1 Spits On My Face:

faradiba anuar said...

yes,its true first time is always full of flaws.
aku teringat first date aku dulu.
mak aih bila ingat balik rasa nak gelak guling2 pun ada.
malu gila doh.
so slowly fix the flaws okae.

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