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November 11, 2013

Silhouette Of A Broken Psyche

Take A Look At Me Now.
All The Pain I Feel,
The Cracks On My Heels,
The Scars That Never Heal.

Will You Look At Me Now?
Sanity Had Left The Building,
Goodness Has Gone Melting,
The Angel On My Shoulder Is Falling.

Look Away Right Now.
Not A Beautiful Sight To See,
Darkness Consumes Generously,
Blood Spills Jubilantly.

Take A Peek At Me Right Now.
Bleeding Inside Means Nothing,
Sinner Wannabe Keep On Craving,
Yet Conscience Left Unwilling.

For God Sake Never Glance Ever Now.
Shooting Stars Are For Helpless Believers,
Work No Magic On We Haters,
But Nothing Else Matters.

Gaze This Way Right Now
This Ain't A Warning Of Whats Coming,
Only The End Is Approaching,
So Start Counting Your Blessing.

Snub From Far Far Away Right Now.
Yeah Don't Help Me Ya Pussies,
I'm Fine On My Own Backsies,
No Need For Sympathy Apologies.

Shun Yourself Away Please, Do It Now!
Imma Time Bomb Ticking Life Away,
Nothing Means To Correction Sway,
Be That As It May.

Leave Me Alone Now!
This Is No Cry For Help,
I Ain't Having Reciprocation Relapse,
I Don't Want My Ass Save.

Go Away Right Now!
Let Me Alone With This Godforsaken Curse,
Let My Soul Burst,
I Need It To Satisfy My Lust.

Alone At Last Right Now!
Counting The Stars As I Lay Narrating,
But Its Too Late Denying
That I Am In Fact Dying. 

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