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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

August 17, 2013

You.Me.The Story.

You.Me.The Stars.Rain.Memory.

Forget Not The Memorable Night, Unplanned Yet Historic. Two Different Soul Apart From Different Mindset And Not Conclusive To One Direction Yet There We Are, Combined Forces Under The Oath Of A Promise, Unbroken. As We Spill Beans, We Bond. As We Talk, We Shared. As We Laugh, We Enjoyed. Every Second Counts, But I Don't Need Forever As Long As I Have That As A Memory.

We Both Suffered, That Was Agreed Upon. We Both Crumble, That Was Unavoidable. We Both Thrive Over The Pain, That Was Endured. Separately, Yet Back On Top, Rise Higher And Better. We Feel The Pain, And What Damage Its Done, We Overcome, Not Fully But Damaged Good. Yet Here We Again, Back Again With Brand New Spirit. We Shared A Bad Memory, Not Together Per Say, But A Decision Was Made, Never Ever We Will Let Distance Take Its Toll On Us, Ever Again. That Was Mutual, Not To Each Other But A Promise To Oneself.

You.Me.The Moments.Magical.Insane

It Doesn't Have To Take 2 Years Or 4 Months To Know That We Are Meant For Each Other. The Identical Pieces That Fit Perfectly But Long Lost To Be Joined. Until The Joyful Experience Arrived, No Sooner Than Later.It Takes 6 Hours For Both Of Us To Realise What Was In Front Of Us. The Chemistry Is Nothing, Because The Moment Is What Really Count. Right There, The Magic Happened. All It Take Is One Bold Action, And Everything Fall Into The Right Place. The Moment, Is Something We Will Take It To The Bank In The End.

You.Me.The Promise. Amorousness. Forever.

A Deal Was Struck. A Moment Had Been Seized. Live The Life We Had For The Limited Time We Had. All It Takes Was 5 Days To Connect. 2 Days To Realize. And The Rest Of The Period To Cherish. All Together We Have 27 Days, 13 Gone, 14 To Go. Because On The 28 Days, We Promise To End Thing Peacefully And When Our Separate Way, Since Distance Is One Sucky Bitch.

Counting The Day We Had. Live For The Moment We Had. Do Crazy Stuff We Had. Sit Down, Chill And Talk We Had. Holding Hand For Half An Hour Without Saying One Word We Had. Bitch To Each Other About Some Shits In Our Life We Had. Avoid The Police Together We Had.

When The Dust Settled, We Had Our Fun. And We Gonna Continue Having Fun For The Next 14 Days. After That, Shit Just Got Real. We Make A Promise To Each Other. Unbreakable Oath. On The Day 28, We Will Put It To An End. Thats A Promise I'm Willing To Take. Will You? Can You? The Cards On The Table, Its Your Move.

You.Me.The Conclusion.Everlasting.Perfect

For The Brand New Phase, On The Next Chapter, We Choose To Be A Complete Stranger. It Sound Stupid Yes, But We Are Both Crazy Ain't We? Because Nothing Else Matters. We Both Been Burned Before, We Know How This Will End, How Fuck Up Shits Gonna Get, So We Choose Not To Get Down The Messy Road. We Had Found A Loophole For The Hellhole.We Make A Pact To End Thing Even Even Things Are At The Very Best, Because We Both Know How Its Gonna End If We Choose To Fight The Cause, Why Should We? In The End, Yes We Will Be Stranger, But We Got Something Bigger, Better. An Everlasting Memory That Forever Will Last, UnTarnishable, Perfect. Hurt? I Seriously Don't Know. Ask Me Again In 15 Days, But As For Right Now, Its Going Great. Live For The Moment, To The Fullest And Worry About The Future Not. One Thing I Do Know, Out Of Thus Craziness, I Had Something Beautiful To Hold On To Down The Road In The Future When Life Decides To Throw Me Lemons. Just One Thing I Ever Hope For Is That You Will Keep Your Words, Your Promise. If Not, This Will Ended Up Being Just Another Bad Memory We Really Wanna Erase From Our Mind. Keep Your Words Please, As I Will Keep Mine And Forever We Will Be Everlasting-ly Perfect.

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