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April 8, 2013

The Battle Is All But Lost Yet Here I Am


Such A Funny Word, Seems Sweet But Sometime It Bites Someone So Hard They Can't Even Bring Themselves Up. 
Such A Game Where A Person Will Lays Everything On The Table But In The End Crash And Burn.
Such An Irresistible Force That It Mesmerize An Individual To The Point Where Addiction Become The New Solution.
Such A Gamble Where At Some Point All You Can Up Is Look Up To The Sky At Pray That Its At Your Mercy.
Such A Thing Where Stupidity Is Only One Step Away From Rationality. 
Such An Stature Where Those Who In It, Suffer A Lot But The Thing Itself Self Protected.

Why oh Why?
If Its Hurt So Much Why Everybody Put Themselves Into The Hardship of Getting It?
If Its That Painful Why Everyone Gunning For It And Feel Lonely if They're Not On Board?
If Its So Beautiful Why Everyone Raise The Middle Finger To The Point Of No Going Back?
If Its That Worth It Why Everybody Stuck In The Middle Whereby Only A Few Survive, Barely?

Maybe It Is Better Without
Maybe It Is Simpler Not To Have It
Maybe It Is A Force Not To Be Deal With
But Maybe,
Nobody Able.
Nothing Stay Forever And Ever
Maybe Living In Your Own World Without Having To Deal With Such Thing Is The Safest Way To Live.

But Then,
Thats Not Who I Am.
I Love Playing The Dangerous Game.
I Hate Being Hurt But I Always Up On My Feet At The End
I Come Out Stronger But Damaged On The Other Side
I Am Who I Am But Sometime To Be Myself I Have To Bring Someone In
I Am Fragile And Easy To Fall But Never Really Understand.

You're The One I Need
You're The One I've Searching For
You're The One, The Savior I've Been Looking For All My Life
You're The One The Different Kind From My Previous Encounter.
Yeah You! I Am Talking To You!
You're The Forbidden Fruit But I Am A Self Inflicted Fighter
You're In The Place Where The Odds Are Against Me.
But What The Hell? I Am Gambler.
I Rather Crash And Burn Then Asking Myself "What If?" In Future
All My Card On The Play, Its Your Turn To Play.
Game On!

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