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He Walk Among Us, But He's Not One Of Us

July 5, 2012

A Letter From A Crow To The Sea Bitch

p/s- this is the gayest post ever, please don't read this!

Most People, Girls Especially Thought That Every Guys Are Emotionally Invincible. The Thing Is, We Are Not. Trust Me When I Say This, Most Guys Will Denied Being A Sappy Emotional But It Is The Truth. The Only Different Between Sexes Is That Guys Don't Show Their Emotion For The View Of The World, They Keep It Bottle Up, Hold It All Imbalancely With A Cork To Cover It All Up, And Guest What, Once The Dam Is Broken, All Hell Will Break Loose. This Is Not A Warning Of What Might Come, Just A Constant Reminder. Hurting In The Guy's Playbook Means A Way To Somehow Avoid The Real Deal By Faking Up Positive Emotion Such As Being The Funny Guy. Well Guess What, The Funniest Guy You Know Its The Loneliest Guy There Is. The Only Way For Them To Shun Away The Evil Idea Of Being Alone Is To Fake The Happiness, A Show For Everyone To Feed Upon. The Truth Remain Silence In The Dark, The Unstoppable Damnation Of Being Hurt.

Well The Idea If Truth Itself Is A Grey Area, But Here Is What I Can Tell. Yes, I Am Still Hurt. The Fact That You Left Me Hanging During My Darkest Hour, Kills It Even More. Imagine A Knife That Cut Through Flesh, Times A Thousand. That Not Even Close To What You'd Done To Me. "That's Eight Month Of My Life I'm Not Getting Back. A Beautiful Letdown Led To Meaningful Life Lesson." That The Pipe Dream I Kept Telling Myself Whenever The Silly Thought Of Doing Something Dumb Cross My Mind. Hey, A Bro Can Dream Right? Even though It Is Not A Fairytale Ending Dream But Whatever That Get Me Through The Night. I Take What I Can Get. Maybe What The Real Lesson Is That The Girl That You Thought You'll Be Walking Down The Aisle With At The Very End Is Not Suppose To Be Who She Is If She Broke Your Heart In The Middle Of The Journey. That's The Awful Lesson I Take From You, From Us.

I Am Man Enough, Or At Least I Thought I Was, But I Sure Can Take It Like A Man. But, Why Should You Left Me Drowning Like That? Just Put A Gun To My Head, And Pull The Trigger And End My Miserable Life, But I Guess You Don't Have The Guts To Do That Huh? You Rather Let Me Be You Puppylove Puppet That You Can Toyed Around And Toss. A Plaything, That's What I Am. Well Screw You Bitch. A Puppylove Puppet Is A Tame Beast In Cage Waiting For The Moment To Seized. And Lucky For You, I Never Had The Chance To Claw You In Your Back. If The Table Turn And Time Reversed, That Is Exactly What I'm Going To Do.

So There It Is. The Confession Of A Psyche, A Broken Machine In The Form Of Flesh Madman, A Thing Called A Guy. Like It Or Not, I Am Still Hurting And There Nothing In This Globely World Can Fill The Hole You Left In My Pumping Heart. A Scar Remained Unhealed, That What Left Pumping My Blood From My Vein To My Brain. Thanks Again Bitch.

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