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January 12, 2012

Pimpin' Is Hard, Especially When You're Pimpin' Bout Yourself

I still remember a few month back in early September, I was like a lost bird in the sky, looking for a shelter tree, hoping to make a new home, without any disturbance. Yes, that's me when I first arrived in Shah Alam. kinda scared at first, well the fact that I never been away , far away from home, give you some chills on the bone. Well I'm not really dependent time of person where I cling too much on my perfect home, I was away for quite few times in my life. I was at boarding school for three years. Then during my Diploma, I was in Kedah, not that far away, but still it counts. But Shah Alam, is the biggest step away i ever took. Gotta be honest, I was a lil scare at first. New enviroment, new place, new program to study, new level of academy, everything's new. Even when I was started my life here i still felt lonely, maybe cuz I was taking a giant leap of my life, since I blatantly choose a program to further my academic without having anyone to be in it together. Yes, my first two weeks in Shah Alam was a hell. I thought about quitting, but I just brace myself through it, hoping for a miracle to happen, and yet it did. Now, fast forward 4 1/2 month after, I am happy to be here. I'm clicking with the drastic changes in my life. I'm not doing real great academically, but I meddle through, so that's put it in the winning column. I guess what I'm trying to babble about is this, changes are hard at first, but patience, somewhere somehow, You'll ended up being fine, or if you're lucky enough, You'll enjoy every bit of it.

p/s- Just looked through my old Diary post about being scare to come to Shah Alam, silly me!

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Unknown said...

Good times bro. Good times.

aCe+ said...

hell of good times.hahaha

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