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December 19, 2010

Blood Fued

We Cross Through Time And Space,
Literally Through It All Just To Find Each Other Again,
After All We Been Through, Still Nothing Is Been Forgiven,
We Still Find Our Way To Shoot At Each Other,
Still Try To Get On Each Other Nerves.

Ultimatum Given, Attitudes And Position Shift,
Still Nothing Ever Really Changed At All,
Its Just One Stupid Cost Of Living,
No Matter What Our Constants Are,
We Still Try To Find Each Other Wrong Doing And Focus On That,
Blood Have Spilled Over, Live Losses Among Another
But In The End, The Differences Rules Over.

United Had Never Been Our Strong Perspectives,
That On Of The Reason Why We Keep On Loosing The Battle,
Over And Over Again,
Faces Changes By When Times Took It Tolls,
Alliances Made Under The Terms Of Survival,
Yet Again, We Are Loosing Our Self,
The Blame It's Not "Others" To Hold,
It's Our Own To Be Perfected,
There's No Cursed, There's No Bad Luck, It's Just Simple Rules Of Believe,
Destiny's Call Upon But No One Willing To Step Up,
Many Tries But Failed In The End,
That's The Costs Every Single One Of Us Pay With Such High Price,
In The End, It Takes Our Life.
Just Because We Can't Let Out Lil' Disagreement Slide Away,
The Blood Fued Continue, Forever!

p/s- Tibute To LOST TV SERIES!

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